Mobile phone theft is all too common with the average rate of one phone being stolen every 12 seconds. For anyone who has had a phone stolen it can be a nightmare trying to get it back. It can also be a stressful time worrying about who might have access to your contact list, private text messages or photos and other personal information.

Historically it has been virtually impossible to recover a stolen phone, but that was before the era of advanced Smartphone software applications. In many circumstances it can still be impossible to recover the phone, but easy to secure the data and recover it.

There are many reasons why installing mobile anti theft software makes sense. Listed below are just some of the most common reasons:

1. Data Protection Feature

Anti-theft software for mobile phones will normally have a remote locking feature that enables you to prevent unauthorized access to the phone. If your phone is stolen it is quick and easy to lock the phone remotely and therefore protect data on the phone. As more and more people use their mobile phones to do online banking it is crucial to protect that data and prevent it falling into the hands of a thief.

2. Data Backup Feature

Good mobile anti-theft software will have a data backup feature to protect existing data. If you successfully recover a stolen phone the contacts list is likely to be vastly different from your own list. If a thief gains access to a phone one of the first things they do is delete the contacts list and replace it with their own contacts or change the SIM card. If the data was wiped before you had the chance to remotely lock the phone, you would be able to easily restore the data to the point where you last backed it up.

3. GPS Locate Feature

Mobile phone anti-theft software makes it easy to locate your phone using a combination of GPS technology and online maps. GPS can locate the exact location of the phone and the details can then be passed onto the Police to recover the phone. The GPS location significantly improves the chances of successfully recovering a stolen phone. Without this technology there is only a remote chance of recovering a stolen phone.

Anti-theft software essentially improves the chances of recovering a phone after it is stolen. The other features within the software help secure your privacy and ensure you are able to recover any data that might have been removed by a thief.

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