Looking tensed, is it because you’ve lost your expensive Smart Phone or because you had some of your confidential data and information saved on it? Well, though it is a real tough job to get back a lost or stolen phone yet you can still be confident of keeping your confidential data safe and sound.

Yes, it is quite possible and thus you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your data in case you lose your phone somewhere. But this surely will need you to do something before you have actually lost the phone. You’ll have to install your phone with powerful anti-theft software and your task will be half done.

The software will let you safeguard the data in your phone in various possible ways. You will get help to remotely lock or wipe your missing phone, both of which are most infallible ways of keeping your stuffs on your phone safe and protected from any kind of misuse.

Remotely Lock your Missing Mobile.

This is a wonderful feature one would expect anti-theft software to provide. This won’t just keep your data safe but will keep the entire phone safe. Once you’ve locked your phone no one would be able to have any access to it. No calling, no texting, and no internet access – nothing means – absolutely nothing. This proves helpful even in case you are worried about your phone bills if you haven’t informed your service provider to block the SIM as the thief won’t be able to do anything with your phone.

Your phone will be accessible only to you as it will be unlocked only when you’ll do it yourself. Are you wondering what if the thief plays smart in uninstalling the software? That has a solution as well, you’ll need password to do this otherwise it won’t work. What if the thief is a professional hacker and knows how to break every kind of lock and get hold of just any password.

 In that case you have the other most trustable feature and in fact it is perfectly incomparable in terms of trust.

Remotely Wipe Data Off your Missing Mobile.

Now your cell phone anti theft tool will let you take the back up of all the data saved on your phone from time to time right onto your online account provided to you by the software itself. So, the moment you are sure that your phone is missing, get to your online account take back up of all your data and wipe it off the phone remotely and thus keep it protected from being misused by anyone.

This is indeed the most trustworthy way of keeping your data safe and secured after all one can’t get hold of anything which you have deleted permanently, isn’t it?

So, stop worrying about the safety of the data stored on your lost phone, simply install some powerful cell phone anti theft software on it that will help to remotely lock or wipe data off your missing mobile.

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