The three words that describe an iPhone are preeminent, popular, and praiseworthy. But along with its fame and marvel it shares more love and more importance among the league of heist, thieves, and pick-pockets. It automatically becomes essential to take precautionary steps to keep your iPhone safe.

Below you have some of the Tried and Tested security Tips to avoid getting your iPhone stolen.

Be Sure to Be Cautious in Buses & Trains

Thieves indeed love these places; in fact, bus stops, train stations and the subways are their most favourite haunts. So you got to be cautious if you are in any of these places. So don’t hold your phone in your hands instead keep it safe in your bag, pouch, or pockets and keep an eye on the surroundings and people around you. Don’t get hooked up at your mobile, all the time looking down and not at all looking around. Also avoid the back pockets of your jeans or the backpacks instead stick to the front pockets and the bags that can be shut with zippers.

Avoid People Asking For Time, Change, and Sundry

Robbing a person standing still or stealing things from a person who has suddenly stopped in the middle of the way is the easiest of all. Thus, the most thieves play this trick on their victims by asking them for time, change, address, direction, even cigarette, and so on. When somebody asks you for time do not at all bring out your mobile to check the time, the asker may be thief waiting for this very moment to run away with your phone. Either guess the time or simply say you don’t know. Even while tell the direction or helping somebody with addresses, don’t at all try stopping instead just keep walking on.

Are Walking Down the Street with your iPhone?

If your answer is “Yes”, take care of the things given below.

First, never stop walking if anyone tries to stop you by asking you about certain things.

Second, keep looking around your surroundings and keep your head up all the time don’t get stuck to your mobile typing a text or doing something similar.

Third, don’t bring out your phone to check the time especially when some stranger has asked you the time.

Time to Change those Apple Earphones

You love those Apple earphones? Can’t stay without them? They are the best one the market? Everything is true, right, fine and acceptable but with a sad fact added to it – your Apple earphones have special signature style that makes them unique and quite conspicuous. So, if you have them and really love them (like most apple product users do), simply keep them safe in your bag, instead use some other earphones compatible with your iPhone.

What are you wondering? Do you think that if you don’t have an iPhone 5, you’re safe? Nopes! Nopes! Nopes! iPhones are always phenomenal whether new or old, they will surely catch the attention of the thieves. Truly, your iPhone 5 earphones are most attractive but even the older ones can easily be located by thieves so better order some new earphones on the internet and get the ones those don’t have the appearance of a typical Apple product!

Don’t Carry Any Clue that You Own an iPhone!

Whether an earphone, an iPhone case, a charger, or just the boxes and bags with Apple trademark, they shouldn’t be with you at all, neither in your hands nor in your car at the parking lot, this will give hints to the thieves about your iPhone.

Use iPhone Security Software

There are plenty many of iphone security applications in the market, simply get the one most suitable for you and your phone. Installing mobile security solution on your iPhone will indeed be the most reliable way of keeping your phone safe. The best of the apps will keep the device and data well protected for you and will even help you locate the lost phone and the thief behind the loss.

So, don’t forget to empower your iPhone with proper security application and stay free from worries.

You’ve Just Shopped your New iPhone? What to Do Next to Keep it Safe?

Thieves and burglars looking for a new iPhone always keep trailing around the Apple stores and the shoppers who have just bought the device. Well, the simple reason behind it is that brand new device with no scratch and no activation records are sold the best and have the most terrific demand in the market.

Don’t let the thieves know that you’ve really shopped something at the Apple store and you have a brand new iPhone with you. Either do away with the Apple bags and boxes or keep all your things safe in some other bag, away from the eyes of the thieves around you.

Keep Safe, Stay Safe, Have Things Safe!! Good Luck for your iPhone Safety!!

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