Surely you would never want your suave and chic phone to be lost or stolen but if it really gets stolen or lost, the truth has to be accepted and there is no other way. But you can always try finding out your lost phone and you never know if you really get it back as in many cases you are really successful in getting it back.

Here you’ll get to know how to find your lost or stolen cell phone. And the best part is that in many cases; simply following some simple steps really leads you to what you have lost.

First, this is the most important thing to do – - don’t panic – - be calm and try to remember, where you might have kept your mobile or when and where did you last see it. Try remembering where you took it with you; it can be a pub, a disc, a shopping mall, or your friend’s place or car.

Second, give a call to your lost phone, perhaps it is in your car or you have left in some other room. If you’re sure, it is not in the house try calling to all those places where you last visited and confirm if anyone out there has seen your mobile. In most malls, pubs and discs, they have a special cell keeping things left by the customers safe. Call your friend if you think you have left it at their place.

Third important step in your effort to find your lost or stolen cell phone, is to use the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number of your phone, in this you’ll easily get help from your mobile company. It is like the finger print of your cell phone as it is different for different phone and is located right under the mobile battery. This proves quite helpful in tracking a stolen phone.

Fourth, you did all possible things in order to find your lost or stolen cell phone but couldn’t make out where it is, you shouldn’t waste a single second more and report it lost and in case you suspect its being stolen over being lost, report for it then. And while you resolve to report its being lost or stolen, your service provider should be the first whom you got to inform, or else you’ll be charged for the calls made by the thief.

Fifth, best way to find your lost or stolen cell phone is to take a proper security measure before your phone is really lost. Installing anti theft mobile software on your phone is the best possible way to keep your phone safe. And even if you lose your phone, it proves most helpful.  With the help of GPS tracking feature provided by the software you’ll easily get to locate the place where exactly your phone, you’ll even get the backup of all your data, and lock the phone remotely keeping it safe even in the hands of the thief. And added to this the thief will neither get to know that he’s being tracked nor will he be able to uninstall it as it will be password protected.

Finally, the most important thing to do is to be very alert and avoid losing your phone. Adopting safety measures is better than running around to find your lost or stolen cell phone.

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