If you have been worrying about your phones’ safety from thieves, here’s a piece of good news for you.  The Federal Communications Commission together with the major cell phone carries of United States have agreed upon setting up a database consisting of unique cell phone identifiers in order to enable the cell phone companies in disabling the  stolen cell phones permanently.

These unique cellphone identifying number, known as International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers, are similar to the vehicle identification numbers meant for automobiles.

This plan of disabling the stolen phones is being worked out with a motive of putting an end to the sale of stolen phones on the black market.  Having a look at the present scenario, you’ll find that the stolen phones are pretty easily bought and sold on the black market, which are then reactivated with new SIM cards – the subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module, the storage component of the phone along with entirely new accounts.

Charles Schumer, the New York Democratic Senator has also the plan of introducing a special legislation that will make tampering or altering any phone’s International Mobile Equipment number a federal crime.

This announcement of the agreement came up only after Schumer’s months-long effort as well as the efforts of the New York Police Department in order to solve the ever growing problem of cellphone thefts, primarily of the expensive Smartphones like iPhones, BlackBerry and others.

Authorities have found the rise in the theft at a maddening level nationwide.  The risk is most with those who use their phones in public, especially the students and the subway riders.

This newly devised system will take around 18 months in becoming fully operational. It is notable that it is already in use in Europe, according to the representative from Schumer’s office.

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