Mobile phone demand has increased at almost a skyrocketing speed over the last few years and with the availability of such large variety of them all fully loaded with wonderful features available for such high prices; their vulnerability to theft is also increasing alarmingly.

When you lose your cell phone you not only lose the device but your identity also get stolen, and you even get to lose all the important information and data stored on your mobile. Thus, taking special measures to protect a cell phone becomes the very first priority of the mobile users.

Here are some important tips to help you keep your cell phone safe:

Keep proper details: Create a well organized record of all the necessary details and information related to your mobile and keep them safe and sound in a safe place. Make sure that the information recorded with you doesn’t miss out these –

-          Your  phone number

-          Make & model of your phone

-          Details about color & appearance

-          The pin code or security lock code of your phone

-          IMEI numbers ( if you’re using GSM phones)

Security mark addition to protect a cell phone: When you lose your phone, there can be two possibilities – first, that you left it somewhere and it wasn’t stolen and there’s somebody looking for helping you out. Second, somebody has stolen your phone purposely.

When you have placed a security mark, it will be easy to get hold of your phone in both the cases. So, simply use some ultra violet pen to write your post code, house number or address on your mobile handset as well as its battery.  This will help your mobile become more easily identifiable in case it gets lost or stolen. You can even think of writing your email id or some other contact number. You may never know if somebody wants to return you your mobile. So, don’t forget to do this to protect a cell phone.

Lock your phone using Security Lock Code or PIN feature: Once your phone is locked with security lock code or PIN code, the thief who has stolen your mobile will not be able to use your phone or have access to your personal numbers stored on the SIM card. This way it will be safe from any kind of misuse.

Get your phone registered with your network operator: The moment you discover that your mobile phone’s missing, immediately report its loss to your network operator. With the help of your IMEI number, they’ll be able to get your handset as well as the account blocked. There are certain wireless carriers ready to help you out. Once your phone is blocked, it won’t ever be possible to use the phone again even with some other SIM card.

This kind of step to protect a cell phone is a bit risky one as once you have disabled your phone; you’ll not be able to use it again.  Again, you need to keep all the records related to the registration of your phone so that the thief may not be misusing your phone even after the registration.

Get your phone number disabled: This is another way to stay safe from the thief who has got hold of your mobile. The best way is to get both your account as well as number disabled so that the thief doesn’t get to use your services or make money by selling it.

Request your carrier to start up with a formal investigation immediately: This proves helpful as your carrier gets aware of the theft and you can immediately be saved from unnecessarily paying your bills even if your phone is not totally saved.

Lodge a complaint with the police: In many cases you need to show the copy of the FIR, so don’t forget to do this as soon as possible. So, along with all the other important actions like blocking account and number get a complaint against the theft with the police to protect a cell phone.

Use anti-theft software on your mobile: This is indeed the best and most effective method to keep your mobile safe and sound. And when it comes to safeguard your stuffs from technically smart people, you got to use technically smart measures and using anti phone theft software life SmartFuzz is one such measure. It helps you locate the thief with the help of GPS tracking. You also get a track the data, lock the mobile from remote, get backup of the data saved on it, etc. You even get to know if the thief has changed the SIM. Simply install SmartFuzz, a smart anti phone theft software on your mobile and keep it safe. In fact it is the most tension free way to protect a cell phone.


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